Pliny the Younger Madness at Anthill Pub, Haven Gastropub and Hollingshead's Deli

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Michelle Woo/OC Weekly
​It's Pliny the Younger madness! Anthill Pub & Grille tapped a 5-gallon keg of the rare Russian River ale this past Saturday, and beer geeks flocked to the UC Irvine bar in the hope of getting a taste. (And just a taste--the pours were only 5 ounces.) People started lining up about two hours before the bar opened, and about 130 got golden tickets.

So, how was this famous 11 percent imperial IPA?
Michelle Woo/OC Weekly
​"It's Pliny the Elder with triple the hops--boo," said John Shandy of Long Beach. "It doesn't live up to the hype." 

Kevin Stoddart of Cypress felt otherwise. "It's easily the best beer I've ever tasted. For an 11 percent beer, it's really smooth and really hoppy without the alcoholic burn." 

The line looks just as crazy right now at Haven Gastropub in Orange, where Pliny the Younger is also on tap. 
Haven Gastropub Facebook page
​Hollingshead's Deli in Orange is also tapping a keg at the moment. We don't have photos of the line, but a woman who answered the phone over a blaring crowd said it's "very long."    
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