Three New Eateries Planned for Irvine Spectrum: Pieology, Taverna Blu, & Luna Grill

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Anne Marie Panoringan
The Fullerton Chipotle-esque pizza purveyor Pieology is planning its second store at Irvine Spectrum. Details are sketchy on where exactly in the sprawling complex it will be located. But it will be joined soon by two other new eateries. 

Luna Grill is a San Diego-based "Near-East and Mediterranean Cuisine" featuring a menu full of kabobs. In fact, it bills itself as the "Ultimate Kabobery" . It's also got a Lake Forest restaurant planned in the same plaza as Fuddruckers on El Toro Road.

Also hailing from San Diego, Taverna Blu will also offer Mediterranean fare. The original restaurant's menu features everything you expect a Greek joint to have: saganaki, spanakopita and, yes, also kabobs.

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