Another Pho Joint To Open In Irvine

Edwin Goei
Photo of pho, not necessarily from any of the places mentioned in this article.

I've actually lost count on how many places there now are in Irvine to have pho. I'll date myself in saying that I remember a time where there was exactly one place that did. Last year saw three pho joints opening almost simultaneously as if it were planned that way.

Now there's another planned for Sand Canyon Plaza, which is, as far as I'm concerned, the boonies of Irvine, where nothing roams but office parks and fast food chains. So, a pho shop, will become a welcome oasis offering noodles in broth in an otherwise teriyaki bowl and chain sushi territory.

We don't yet know much about Pho Kobe other than it will be adjacent to Subway; but judging by the name, I'm expecting that it features slices of the premium beef on its pho tai, at the very least.

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