Manila Groove Closes :-(

Anne Marie Panoringan
Not Manila Groove, but a reminder of brekkie further away than usual.

I only knew the bad (i.e. swear) words in Tagalog growing up, and they all resurfaced when I walked up to Manila Groove in Tustin yesterday to find the place locked up and desolate inside, save for some take-out containers on the ground.

In business for six years, my closest outlet for familial cooking is few and far between in the center of the county. Sure, I could drive to Anacrime for Jollibee (which I don't really care for), and Edwin reminded me that Pinoy Pam's Best is only in Lake Forest. But I liked the convenience, dammit. Most cuisines have a certain amount of representation, even neighborhoods, in OC. Yet Filipino is not one of them.

They were kind enough to update their website with the following message:

"After six years of bringing you home cooked Filipino food and services, Manila Groove Restaurant is closing its doors indefinitely, effective today, 1st of February, 2012.

Thank you so much for the support you have given us. Maraming salamat po."

While the operating hours are listed as CLOSED, the catering menu and email remain active.

Comment that I should go to Cerritos, or that Manila Groove wasn't that good; when a pork product or palabok craving hit, it was waiting in the steam tray for me. With all the other cuisines I love, this is what I grew up on. And like that Emma Stone SNL skit, I got depressed when Adele started playing on the radio.

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Is the Filipino breakfast place on Warner in Fountain Valley still open?  I've been there several times, but not in the past few years.  It hit the spot...


Seriously, this is very sad news.  It hit the spot and was the closest turo-turo to JB World Headquarters. 

And what happened to those DVDs they sold in the back?  LOL


You should go to Cerritos, and Manila Groove wasn't really *that* good

Dave Lieberman
Dave Lieberman

There are a number of Filipino places in Orange, along Chapman between Main and the 57. Also Bsll Rosd around Besch/Western/Knott is developing into a small Pinoy community. And I really like merienda at Fil-Am in the Orange mall (yes, really! Good pancit palabok)

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