Man Climbs Tower, Strips Naked and Won't Come Down Until He Gets McDonald's Hamburgers

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Los Angeles Times

McDonald's gets a bad rap. There's so much talk about how it's killing us with its scalding coffee, (former) pink slime and general repulsiveness, but nobody ever mentions how it can save lives.
Well, the Los Angeles Times brings us that heartwarming story. On Wednesday afternoon in downtown LA, a 45-year-old man climbed up a radio tower while stripping off all his clothes. When he got to the top, he told police what he wanted. No, not money or an ex-lover.

He wanted McDonald's hamburgers. 
"Officials complied, and he agreed to come down after eating his meal," the Times writes.

Weird. It's usually In-N-Out that prompts insanity.

McDonald's saves the day! Until, of course, he dies of, um, eating too much McDonald's.   

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