Killer Shrimp Headed to Newport Beach?


I hate to admit it, but it's not often I cross over the Orange Curtain and into Los Angeles. I'm a Bay Area transplant who doesn't leave the bubble. What I really need is a guided tour, but I digress ...

One place that used to be on my short list was always Killer Shrimp, a Southern seafood spot located in Marina del Rey and Studio City. They were good for bowls of fiery broth teeming with sweet, plump shrimp and never-ending French bread to soak it all up with.

Both locations shuttered a few years ago and obituaries popped up on Yelp. Then, in late 2011, word came of the return. A massive Killer Shrimp has since opened waterfront in MdR. It was just as I remembered it: A generous serving of shrimp swimming in a tomato broth kicked up with heavy spice, a dash of booze and an abundant scoop of rosemary. (Here's a review.)

Not a minute after saying how much Orange County needed Killer Shrimp, too, our waitress confirmed it was in the works. She went to the back for more details and gave us this: Killer Shrimp. Newport Beach. June 2012.

I've since left a message with management for more information but nothing yet. I'll keep trying, but for now, something to celebrate!

Update: Shuji, operating on BEASTMODE, picked up the slack and has the rest of the (confirmed) details at LA Weekly.

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They used to be in Redondo Beach, too. I was so bummed when they closed since it was quite close to where lived. Nice to hear they are making a comeback.I only hope they also come back to the South Bay!(BTW - Nice to see you here, Niyaz.)


Niyaz, whats the difference between this and JackShrimp?

Dave Lieberman
Dave Lieberman

I can answer this one. One of these is worth eating at, and the other one is called JackShrimp. Seriously, after Killer Shrimp closed we went to JackShrimp (there used to be a few of them, all in coastal south OC) and it wasn't even close.

Niyaz Pirani
Niyaz Pirani

1000: I have never been to JackShrimp, so I did a quick Google job for a picture. The dishes seem similar (bowl of shrimp and broth + bread), so on appearance there is no difference. But having never tasted JackShrimp and knowing that Killer Shrimp is legit, I can't say where the two stand in comparison.

Maybe when they open near each other, a Dueling Dishes column?!


To elaborate, Killer Shrimp was started by the musician Lee Michaels (his children run the place currently). Lee's business partner when he started was Rickie Jasper. Rickie has a brother named Jack.

You see where I'm going with this. :-)

Along the way, Jack Shrimp opened up on PCH. Apparently, there was some kind of non-compete agreement between the two because when Killer Shrimp expanded outside of LA, they leapfrogged OC and opened up in San Diego - Gaslamp, to be precise.

And I agree ... KS is way better.

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