Guess Where Dave Fasted!

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Dave Lieberman

Ash Wednesday was upon us before I really realized it, which meant I had to fast.

Of course, fasting is a relative term; Muslims actually fast, abstaining from all food and water from sunrise to sunset during Ramadan. Christians in general and Catholics in particular don't come remotely close to a real fast, since one full meal and two small snacks are allowed in the course of the day.

Nevertheless, Ash Wednesday is a "fast" day, and so "lunch" was a small portion of really excellent Brussels sprouts. Where'd they come from?

You know the rules: valid e-mail address required, one guess per comment, and no Weeklings allowed to guess.

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The Playground

Niyaz Pirani
Niyaz Pirani

Playground's are all charred and sexy. They're also off the menu until the fall.

Dave Lieberman
Dave Lieberman

Winnah! Email garellano (at) ocweekly (punto) com to claim your loot.

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