Happy Birthday to Gabriel Zambrano of Soho Taco!

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Zambrano: Ready to taco you up--even on his birthday!

Usually, I don't give a shit about my birthday for reasons no one ever seems to want to understand. But last year, after the accolades heralding my 846th year on this planet, I realized I shared February 3 with a far-more important person: Gabriel Zambrano of Soho Taco.
So celebrate his birthday the way I did--by contracting Zambrano to treat your coworkers (or, if you hate your coworkers, your pals) to a Soho Taco taquiza! It's affordable, yummy, and comes with indie music--or wab shit if you like it that way.

As a birthday present, Zambrano's boys made me a super-secret dish Gabe's working on--all I have to say is that once they perfect it, it's going to be INSANE and the next Must Have dish in OC. That's all I can say right now--in the meanwhile, join me in wishing Gabriel a felíz cumpleaños!

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Happy Birthday to both of you and may you have many more...


No shit! Felíz cumpleaños to you as well!

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