Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Man Throws Drink at Drive-Thru Window!

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The big crime of the week in Taco Bell land involves yet another drunk driver who repeatedly rammed into the person ahead of them at the drive-thru--made the Daily Mail, even! It's a crime we've covered many a time in this column, though, so our attention is drawn to another drive-thru crime--this one involving a tossed soda.

From something called Eagan, Minnesota:

Police responded to a drunkenness call at the Taco Bell on Cliff Road. The caller, a store employee, reported that a drunk man driving a red GMC Envoy threw his drink at the drive-through window. The clerk tried to hold off giving the man his food and keep him at the restaurant, but eventually handed the food over. The clerk gave police  a direction of travel for the vehicle, and the man was later arrested.

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