Bruxie to Open Third Store in Rancho Santa Margarita

Shuji Sakai
The space in question... formerly a crappy burger joint, soon to be improved!

Oh, Bruxie. First they created a traffic fustercluck in Old Town Orange with the long lines for their waffles; then they gave people a reason to head off of Brea Boulevard when driving through on the way to avoid the 57 freeway. Now they're headed about as far inland as it's possible to go without hitting the Dread 909 951, opening the third Bruxie in Rancho Santa Margarita.

The newest member of the Bruxie family of wafflerías is located at 22205 El Paseo, where OC Burger used to be; it'll be opening sometime this spring. While the waffles are the big draw, I personally treat Bruxie as my own personal Culver's, because they're the only place in OC I know that serves frozen custard. Stay tuned for an official opening announcement.

Keep it up, Bruxie, and we're going to have to start putting you in the "Chain Reactions" tag here on Stick a Fork In It...

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