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Pinterest is not just another social media time-suck that leaves women wishing they had more money, vacation time and hours in the day to crochet coffee mug cozies. For food lovers, it's a pretty incredible source of inspiration for daily meals, parties, kitchen tools--everything. Since the site can sometimes feel like a massive abyss, start by following these foodies and boards. A fair warning: You will become very hungry.  

Also, shameless plug--OC Weekly is now on Pinterest! And we have a food board! Follow us.


Randy Clemens, author of the Sriracha Cookbook, curates a handful of boards dedicated to the beloved spicy red sauce in the green-capped bottle. Sriracha recipes, Sriracha food porn and Sriracha art (we particularly enjoy the "American Psycho Sriracha" print), all in one glorious place.      

​The guys behind the Placentia-based brewery, featured in an OC Weekly cover story, are die-hard fans of all things craft beer, and it shows in their cool picks in beer labels, beer products and beer names.  

Bonnie Tsang is a Los Angeles-based wedding photographer, but her other passion is food, beautiful, drool-worthy food. All the pins on her "Eat With Style" board are insanely artful. She's got a photographer's eye and a foodie's palate. 

​The Kitchn's Pinterest is the chronic categorizer's dream. What are you craving? Chili? Peanut butter? Soup? Burgers? Tailgate food? There's a board for that. Seriously. 

​Even though it's, well, Whole Foods, the health food chain does an admirable job at not turning their boards into a giant commercial. There are boards related to kitchens, food-related gadgets, winter foods, composting, and, my favorite, cheese.  

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