10 Great Burritos in Orange County

7. Dos Chinos
Photos by the Elmo Monster

Our love for Hop Phan knows no bounds, and while we love his tacos and many other creations, his Latino-Asian fusion is best in the burritos. His curries, coconut sauces, and Sriracha-esque touches get soaked up best inside the rice and meat inside the burrito, the tortilla a perfect vessel to hold everything in. A dish hipsters, wabs, office drones and chinitos alike can love. Follow Dos Chinos on Twitter @doschinos.

6. El Camino Real

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This place is owned by zacatecanos yet serves Cal-Mex classics sliced with the best menudo in North County. Yet all I ever order is the chimichanga. It's perfect--not too fried, but still crunchy. You can still tell from my blurry shot that it was lightly fried, so a light golden-brown instead of pure lard. Even though it's covered in crema fresca, you can still pick it up and not burn your fingers. You can still taste an actual tortilla, instead of the flour version of chicharrones. And, best of all, you can subsume this chimichanga in rivers of their salsa de chile de árbol, the manna of God if He ever decides to go to the fiery side and retain His magnanimity and all. 303 N. Euclid St., Fullerton, (714) 447-3962.

5. La Casa Garcia

Frank Garcia is probably the only true Tex-Mex cook in Orange County, so why does he merit a mention in a category that Texas has never dominated? He's a mensch, first of all, but more important is his legendary King Burrito: five pounds of meat, sour cream, rice, guacamole--you get a free T-shirt if you win it! Better, though, to split it among friends and enjoy Frank's expert cooking skills. 531 W. Chapman Ave., Anaheim, (714) 740-1108; www.lacasagarcia.com.

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