This Week In Food: The Loogie In The Deputy's Burger; Bruxie is a National Treasure; Creepy Corn Flakes

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I'd like to take the time to welcome our newest Forker, Charles Lam, to our blog. He made his debut to day and he's already caused foodie-discourse in the comments. Welcome!

Now on to our weekly round up of what happened this week on the blog!

McDonald's will give out books instead of toys in Happy Meals. Where's the fun in that?! Also from EdwinWhy is McDonald's doing so well in France? Enjoy fine dining on the cheap during Costa Mesa Restaurant Week

How good does Gustavo make this sound: the Gypsy Den's new Apple Croissant Tart. Do you think the Gypsy Den is still open at midnight? BRB. Also; prices are rising at military mess halls and academies

Here's something we've been saying for a while: Bruxie is Yelp's no. 2 restaurant...for the whole country. Also from Shujithe creepiest fake ad for Corn Flakes. Paula Deen is diabetic- and cashing in.

We welcome our newest blogger, Charles Lam, to the Forker family with his post of the foods that always taste better at a restaurant. So true. 

Anne Marie went On The Line with Lulu De Rouen of CUCINA enoteca. Read parts onetwo and three here.

Happy eating!

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