Talking Yelp App Now Available on Some BMWs

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Over the past few years, car navigation systems featuring Zagat has been made available on some luxury car models like Mercedez-Benz and Lexus. Meanwhile, Toyota's new Entune system partnered up with to offer restaurant ratings and reservations on the go.

So I suppose this next bit of news was inevitable: Yelp is now available and integrated into the navigation systems on select BMWs. The app will not just give you access to the restaurant review site's database based on your GPS location and make recommendations, it will also read to you, out loud, the latest reviews from the site. Nothing like a computer-voice to add gravitas to the words "OMG".

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I would actually buy a BMW with this option just to hear a computer-generated voice  that sounds like a 20-something Asian male from Garden Grove say,  "Those crawfish was da bombbbbbbbbbbb!"

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