Starbucks Frappuccino Bottles 'Perfect Containers'for Molotov Cocktails

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The New York Times reports that in a rash of firebombings in the city this past Sunday, the vessel of choice of the perpetrator was not beer bottles, not mason jars, but rather the "dainty, 9.5-ounce glass containers" of the popular Starbucks Frappuccino drink.

The irony of this was too delicious to not point out. According to the article:

Starbucks is often in the cross-hairs of anarchists for its success as a multinational coffee giant, so it is somewhat of a twist that one of its products finds itself on the other end of violence.

Starbucks did not immediately reply to inquiries Tuesday about the use of Frappuccino bottles in the firebombings. 

A retired New York Police Bomb Squad technician was even quoted as saying the bottles are actually the "perfect container" for a firebomb. 

"They are excellent for what you need because it is a weak-sided bottle with a screw-on cap. It is small enough to be concealed in your pocket, and it fits in your hand, so you can throw it almost like a Nerf football. It's a small projectile you can get a good grip on and you can toss it."

Good to know . . . and then there's the fact that after drinking a few, your aim would probably be way better than if you had gone with beer.

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After drinking a few you couldn't afford any gas to put in the bottles...


If anyone needs help making one, I have an excellent recipe. 

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