Sabatino's Opens Second Sausage Store In Newport Beach

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Dave Lieberman
Good sausages take time to make, and apparently, so do good sausage shops. You may recall that we teased you about the prospect of the place two years ago. Now the second outlet of Sabatino's--the 20-year-old institution that has been supplying Newport Beach with its Sicilian family recipe for goat-milk-cheese-blended tube steaks perfected in 1864--has finally opened.

A phone call confirms it's been open for about a month. 

Compared to the original restaurant on Shipyard Way, the new store's menu is very basic. The emphasis here is on takeout more than anything. There's, of course, a sausage sandwich, as well as ones with meatballs and Italian beef. You can also get a pizza, some pasta, stuffed bell peppers, manicotti and stuffed shells. Or you can take home those coiled beauties uncooked--its signature sausages can be bought for $7 per pound here, just as at the original store.

406 32nd St., Newport Beach, (949) 723-1930.

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