Mountain Dew Dissolves Mice??!?

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You knew soda rots your teeth. According to PepsiCo lawyers, it also dissolves dead mice.

In a pending negligence lawsuit filed in Madison County, Illinois, Ronald Ball claims he found a dead mouse inside a can of Mountain Dew he purchased and drank in 2009.

The most interesting point about this case? Pepsi is seeking dismissal of the ongoing case on an interesting defense: that a dead mouse would have dissolved into a "jelly-like substance."

LegalNewsline reports "the company argues it has scientific evidence that the mouse was not in the can when the case was sealed in August 2008 and that a veterinary pathologist examined the mouse, finding that it could not have been in the can that long because its body would have disintegrated due to the acid in the soda."

It's a Pyrrhic strategy by Pepsi's lawyers, and I'm not sure who to root for. After finding what looked like a chicken's prison shank inside a can of Campbell soup, I'm very sympathetic to the plaintiff. On the other hand, if the corporate weasels win, we'll forever have fun at Pepsi's mouse-melting expense.

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Playtimecapsule NJ
Playtimecapsule NJ

Mike Drake, aNew York personality, author (Halloween In New York), and guest star ofDiscovery Channel’s ODDITIES tv show, has taken science into his own hands andis making a series of videos to show what will happen to bones submerged inwater (as a control) and Mountain Dew.

Look for it onYou Tube as

Mountain Dew dissolves a mouse? Part1


Perhaps PepsiCo should donate a couple of big drums of 'Dew to Disneyland. That place has a terrible "mouse" infestation...(snicker).


Did you see the 20/20 or nightline a couple years back about the peeps in west virginia their penchant for mt dew and their rotten teeth?  

I don't drink soda anyways... I save those calories for beer. And beer wont rot your teeth! 

Shuji Sakai
Shuji Sakai

Coming soon to a TV near you: a body disposed of in a backyard pool filled with Mountain Dew in CSI: West Virginia.


I can see David Caruso and his cool sunglasses now! 

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