Denver Wants Its In-N-Out; Local Councilman Puts It As Part of His 2012 Agenda

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Edwin Goei
As Southern Californians we take for granted our In-N-Outs. It's only when we hear of our out-of-state neighbors going ape shit when one opens in their neck of the woods, with people sobbing as if they've just seen the Messiah Himself, that we take stock on how beloved our homegrown burger empire just is. It happened most recently in Texas, where the opening of one made traffic snarled for miles and other craziness.
Now, Colorado wants their own, and a Denver-city councilman (who is, of course, a former Californian) is spearheading efforts. Albus Brooks has told The Denver Post that having the company setting up shop in town is going to be part of his 2012 agenda. It would join another beloved OC institution--Wahoo's.

I, myself, am looking forward to not only more videos of people bursting to tears after eating a Double-Double (like this woman from Texas below), but perhaps also some hyperventilating, because, you know, the air is thin up there in Denver.


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I've got a friend that has relocated to New Hampshire.............he comes to California about 2 times per year............the minute he gets off the plane he heads right for In N Out..........downs 2 double doubles, fries, shake and a large Coke.............then the day he leaves he does the same thing before boarding the plane.............yeah he's addicted!


Spread them internationally as well please (sans the fries). I'd kill for a double double right now. It's been far too long. 


I'm just gonna say, there are Five Guys all over Denver and the surrounding areas... And What does the city council want?  Thats right, In N Out! 

Memo to Zagats... Suck it Bitches! 

Regardless of what you write in your shitty little book In N Out is the better burger!

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