[VIDEO] Girl Scout Cookies Faces Boycott for Including Transgender Children

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Anyone remember Tracy Flick (aka Reese Witherspoon) in Election? We're thinking the movement going on right now in conservative circles to boycott Girl Scout cookies because the Scouts are all tolerant and shit hired her as speechwriter. It might as well be a controversial Degrassi episode.

In the following video, we noticed how they cautiously masked any identifying troop info, as well as the her rehearsed inflexion, "Girl Scouts welcomes all members, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, culture, background, sexual orientation, GEN-der. Endquote."

But can we still use the Tagalongs lip balm we got for Christmas?

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And if this were an episode of Degrassi High (1989-91), Caitlin would insist it's not a petition.....

.....it's a "letter of protest"



To me, there is something shocking about this.....

.....it's that Taylor's not from "Mission Viejo, California"


Awesome! Way to alienate a child that was born ambiguously gendered... 

In October 2011, the Girl Scouts of Colorado council publicly stated, "If a child identifies as a girl and the child's family presents her as a girl, Girl Scouts of Colorado welcomes her as a Girl Scout," when overturning a local troop's rejection of a transgender 7-year-old child 

7! they are afraid that a 7 year old is a perv trying to peep on their girls and violate their safety. Effing ridiculous!

One of the branches of Boy Scouts is Venturing, it's a program for young men and women ages 14 through 21.  Hmmm! Sounds familiar... Women fight for inclusion to a century old boys club but GOD FORBID a boy or a boy who identifies as a girl wants to join a female organization.And I love how the parents had no problem whoring their daughter out to push their agenda. This comes from the wing of my party that I absolutely loathe and detest!

Hey Christian right wing! Remember... GOD MAKES NO MISTAKES! 


Oh hell.  Leave it to the wing-nut types to give a shit about this kind of thing.  Fine, rednecks, don't buy girlscout cookies.  I'm sure they will find plenty of other buyers, even if they are progressive enough to accept transgenedered kids into their ranks.  Really, do the bible-thumping hate-mongers have nothing better to do with their time than organize a boycott over this non-issue?  This shit makes me wanna' puke on my shoes.  And nice job recruiting some adolescent kid into being your movement's spokeshole.  Hope this poor kid doesn't grow up with aspirations for public office.  This is likely to be the equivalent of Rick Perry's newsletters in 20 years.  Sorry your parents are 'necks, kid



And Ventura is a predominantly a blue county!

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