Foothill Ranch Desperately Needs a Clustertruck

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Get thee to Foothill Ranch, young man!

I know very little about Foothill Ranch other than Oakley is there, that Saddleback Church is nearby, and that the food pickings out there are desperately bad. Hence, the following desperate plea/comment left today on a post Edwin did back in 2009:

We need some lunch trucks near / EMERGENCY!
Bal Seal Engineering, Inc.19650 Pauling Foothill Ranch, CA 92610
lunches are from 11:00 - 1:30

We have nothing near us!


Person left behind no contact information, but I'm sure a lonchera, luxe or not, can make a killing out there. Seabirds? Taco María? Slapfish? Lime Truck? Get thee to the badlands, people! Us? We'll stick to the one that's one Red Hill and Baker every Tuesday and Thursday...

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Name Badges
Name Badges

 Hello! I am visiting your site again to see more of your update post.

Pam Youkhan
Pam Youkhan

There is a current stop on Thursdays at 27042 Towne Centre Drive that rotates trucks. @ChefJoeYoukhan:disqus  has begun doing lunches in the area and will be at this specific location on the 26th.


The marketer in me questions whether a luxe lonchera can make a "killing" in Foothill Ranch.  Despite the commenter from Bal Seal Engineering's desperate S.O.S. while obviously being held hostage by blah options, my guess is a large majority of the corporate sheeple who work out there are perfectly happy microwaving their home-brought lunches in the company break room every day...all while catching up on whether Romney or Gingrich is the better bet to preserve the estate tax repeal, and whether Woodbury Elementary School's kindergarten will better prep their little Einsteins for Stanford and Princeton. 

And when they do venture out...the finance and actuary and IT guys in white shirts and name badges are more than happy to beat a path to Chili's, while their platinum blonde wives are more than happy to lunch at BJ's, where the aforementioned little Einsteins can get that Pizookie thing. 

Oakley? I'm sure there's more than a few of those flip-flop wearing, Peter Pan-ish "Bob Hurley" types within its walls, who would bust if Seabirds parked in their lot.But as a successful, profitable, desirable employer, there's also probably a ton of ultra-conservative, upper middle class Whites and Viets who think a Mango Chutney Hemp Burger has marijuana leaves in it. 


Any where near Oakley please! :D

Dave Lieberman
Dave Lieberman

Seriously, there is next to nothing good to eat out there, and those parking lots are so giant nobody would notice if you set up shop.

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