Ding Dong: Burger King Tests Out Food Delivery Service

The food-obsessed stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan had a great line once about food delivery. He said, "Delivery is really a combination of two of my favorite activities: eating, and not moving."

People of the same mindset might soon have not just pizza and Chinese food but Whoppers they don't have to get up for. Burger King is testing out delivery service in D.C. Yes, "you can have it your way" and at your house with very little physical energy expended on your part.

The first question you might ask, of course, is the issue of fries and their notoriously short half-life. Will they be soggy by the time they get to you on your Barcalounger? No, says a spokesman: they'll use thermal bags to keep them hot. And a Washington Post blogger who tested the service out even noted that the burgers are transported with the hot side kept separate from the cold veggies. To prevent sogginess the burgers are packaged inside a container reminiscent of that used for McDLT (remember those?).

The company already offers delivery service in Mexico, Turkey, Brazil, Columbia and Peru. The move by the company is strategic. It's about the only market that remains untapped by a growing number of fast-food burger competitors. The service is available via www.bkdelivers.com or by phone, but only if you're willing to spend at least $8 to $10 with a $2 fee. So far, only four Washington, D.C. BK's are participating in the test, with 16 more signing on by early next week.

Isn't it too bad that doctors rarely do house calls anymore? It would seem there might be more of a demand for them if this thing really takes off.

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Great, so now all the fat-asses in the US don't even have to leave their couch to get that garbage.  Why not just take all the trash bins from around your house, grab your blender and mix all that shit up real nice... add some other fat-ass garbage to it and drink that.  Is the same shit.

Here's an idea... instead of shaving 20 years off your life, get up off the couch, leave the house, walk to the store and grab a salad.


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C'mon Edwin! The Million dollar question... Will the delivery guy show up in the King costume? 

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