The Next Restaurant Frontier: Car Dealerships?

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We've seen restaurants in gas stations (see the previous incarnation of Peter's Gourmade Grill) and car-washes (see Kush Bowl), but here's something new: Nation's Restaurant News reports that car dealerships might be the next restaurant frontier.

In actuality, they only have two examples thus far: a Fort Worth Ford dealership that brought in a locally known restaurateur to revamp their showroom cafe and the Cohn Restaurant Group of San Diego which is planning a 10,000-square-foot eatery in a Lexus dealership in Escondido to be called Vintana.

Cohn, an empire builder of restaurants if there ever was one, is the one to watch. If it catches on, I for one welcome a restaurant at my local car dealership, especially the next time I'm waiting for my car to be serviced. Think of it: a captive audience stuck for hours who would rather not eat out of the vending machine? It would seem car dealerships might just be an untapped opportunity.

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Aside from the free cup of machine brewed joe, I would not eat anything at the (st)ealerships.  Deluxe burgers would put the "where's the beef" expression to use if dealerships were involved in the menu selection.  The only exception to all this may be the M-Benz dealers. Although, to avoid the premium pricing, I would first check to see if it falls under my car repair warranty.

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