Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Drunken Women Calls Police Because Restaurant Ran Out of Beef!

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Of all the reasons to call the cops to get to a Taco Bell, I'm sure none would infuriate them more than a drunken woman calling about the lack of beef at a restaurant. Really, does this story need any other intro? She's a candidate for this year's Darwin Awards, whenever they may be held.

From Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, which sounds so Mexican I'm almost inclined to believe the Chicano urban legend that Michigan and Michoacán are related:

Where's the beef?

That's the question one angry customer asked at Taco Bell on Mayfair Road before she was arrested for drunken driving for the third time last week, according to a Wauwatosa police report.

Also from the report:

The 32-year-old West Allis woman got upset when she learned that Taco Bell had run out of beef and she would have to choose other menu options at 11:56 p.m. Nov. 23.

She yelled and swore at employees, demanding she receive her original order. When she refused to leave the drive-thru, workers called the police.

She tried to leave when a squad car pulled up.

Suddenly, she got out of her car and showed the officer her cell phone. She said she had tried to call police to report the poor service.

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