Tustin's Most Cursed Restaurant Location Claims Another Business; New Cajun Joint To Try Next

Edwin Goei
I think I've become the unofficial and unintentional historian on the businesses that have come and gone at the shack on 14430 Newport Ave. in Tustin. Over the past five years, I have been keeping track, and there have been about four different restaurants trying and failing at that spot. Now it's time, yet again, for another update.

The last time I wrote about the shack (yes, it's a shack . . . as I've said before, there's really no better descriptor), it was July of last year. A Korean barbecue restaurant called The Patio had just taken the place of another Korean barbecue restaurant, Hebaragi. In '06, it was Happy Snacks, which folded to become something named Seoul Korean Cuisin (not a misspelling on my part).

Now it appears the Patio is also no more. A new place is already queued up and ready to go: Cajun Bistro seems to hope the secret to longevity at this spot is to serve crawfish in the style of The Boiling Crab. Will it last and break the cycle of failure? Or will I be updating you again sometime next year?

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