Soho Taco, Taco María to Hold Mini-Clustertruck Outside Fullerton Public Library Dec. 7 THIS WEDNESDAY!

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Zambrano, ready to lay down some tacos chingónes

At the end of every semester, I make my students at Cal State Fullerton give their finals before an audience at the Fullerton Public Library to prepare them for life outside the academic bubble. And we can't have a symposium without food, you know? Last time around, I invited Barcelona On-the-Go, Piaggio's and Dos Chinos to feed the students and about 200 others.

This time around, for Dec. 7 this Wednesday, I'm proud to announce it'll be a wholly wab affair: Soho Taco, which recently earned its luxe lonchera wings, and the alta cocina Taco María truck.
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Frida truck ready to fregar the competition!

Two taco trucks, one place? ¡Sí, señor! It's a great pairing, actually: Not only are the Soho guys and Taco María head chef Carlos Salgado pals, but they complement (and compliment) each other perfectly, too. Soho concentrates on straightforward, old-school tacos but can also go gourmet: wonderful veggie tacos, for one, and head chef Gabriel Zambrano is promising a barbacoa de res (beef) taco paired with a salsa de aceite, that wonderfully viscous condiment that doesn't nearly make enough appearances in this county. Salgado, on the other hand, takes the alta road with bone-marrow quesadillas and a stunning pumpkin taco--but he's also preparing a salsa de chile de árbol per mine and Dave's challenge.

They'll start selling on Dec. 7 THIS WEDNESDAY at 6 p.m. and go until 9, and the cabrones are kind enough to donate some of their pesos made that night to the Fullerton Public Library. See you there!

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Fullerton Public Library

353 W. Commonwealth Ave., Fullerton, CA

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Frances Lee
Frances Lee

i went last year and it was AMAZING. i can't make it tomorrow (which im super sad about) but i continue to keep my eyes peeled for good catering trucks when i'm on the road and hungry. 


I like the concept ! Anything with tacos from TACO MARIA and helping the Public Library is great ! ........


What sorts of topics will your students be addressing?

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