Si Roo Closes in Little Seoul

Dave Lieberman

The closure of an obscure food court eatery might not garner much interest, but Si Roo was unique in that it provided a set of Korean foods not found elsewhere in Orange County.

While the food court at Garden Grove's H-Mart (on Garden Grove Blvd. and Magnolia St.) has everything from ice-cold dongchimi noodles to chlorella dumplings, from kimbap to nakji bokkeum, Si Roo specialized in medicinal foods, particularly those from the mountains. The best dishes on the menu were black goat stew and an absolutely outstanding jook (rice porridge) with pumpkin and sesame leaves.

Sadly, there was rarely anyone ordering rice scattered with mountain root vegetables at the counter, and this proved to be its downfall; the space is empty and the kitchen is being used by the tenants on either side. Questions to the store management about future plans for the space were declined politely.

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Annie Nguyen-Habermann
Annie Nguyen-Habermann

FYI-- in other Korean restaurant news, MooDaePo Fullerton finally opened up off Orangethorpe/Brookhurst this past weekend.

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