Seabirds Brick-and-Mortar to Open in Downtown Santa Ana


The Chase family's controversial rebranding of the Fiesta Marketplace as the East End Promenade caused a lot of hand-wringing and angry words from people who've accused downtown Santa Ana of pandering to hipsters and gentrifiers. Well, we've got a new idea: just call it "Great Food Truck Race" alley.

We Forkers have been hearing persistent rumors that a raw and/or vegan restaurant was going to open in the plaza at the corner of East Fourth and North Spurgeon. Now it seems like the Seabirds truck--an amazingly talented group of people out to prove that just because it's vegan doesn't mean it's hippie rabbit food--will call it home.

The space in question is 220 E. Fourth St. #104. For those playing along at home, that's immediately next door to Playground, opened two weeks ago by Jason Quinn of the Lime Truck, last season's winner of The Great Food Truck Race. The space was formerly Gemenis Bridal Shop and is just north of Moya's Bakery. The space is currently being used as an ad-hoc space for things like art shows.

Further bulletins as events warrant--it'll be a while, since the space is empty and will need to be 100% built out.

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