Raw Cookie Dough: It's Likely The Flour, Not The Eggs, That Can Make You Sick

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It's tempting, but wait until it's cooked.
​The holidays typically mean baking cookies, and baking cookies typically means tasting a dollop (or eight) of raw cookie dough before it reaches the oven. 

But don't! 

A new study confirms what Mom's been telling us for years: That stuff can make you sick.  

Remember the E. coli outbreak of 2009 that was traced back to Nestlé Toll House cookie dough? Researchers investigated the possible causes of contamination, and found that flour -- not eggs, which are pasteurized -- is the most likely culprit. 


Flour seems as bland and benign as could be, but it's still a raw agricultural product. That means it has had ample opportunity to be exposed to dirt, animal feces, and other unpleasant substances between field and grocery store shelf. 

More food that touches poo. Great. 

After a second batch of contaminated dough was found last year, Nestle announced that it would start heat-treating the flour it uses in refrigerated cookie dough. Still, as an extra precaution, heat those cookies up. And for the best Toll House variation ever, check out this post by Dave

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Now there is a guy that clearly knows where he is going. Wow.www.Total-Privacy (dot) US


I had heard that 1in 100,000 eggs may be contaminated.  Yet every bag of flower has bug larvae and if you leave it in your cabinet long enough they will hatch.  I'm sure Dave Could elaborate on this. 

Carrion Fairy
Carrion Fairy

I've twice had the unsettling surprise of opening up a bag of flour only to find bugs squirming around in it as I took a scoop out. Needless to say that Mahi Mahi didn't get breaded. My thinking was that I didn't seal off the bag enough.


As the woman that keeps Dave's pantry clean, I'd say it's our cornmeal that hatches the most often. We've never had a bag of White Lily or King Arthur flour get buggy.


Thanks... Now on to Dave's closet, What dirty little skeletons are in there? 

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