Holiday Gift Guide: 7 Presents for Tea Snobs

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Beneath the frenetic cult of coffee addicts sits a quieter community of tea drinkers, those who know to use steaming, not boiling water, and will always choose free-swirling leaves if they can help it. Here are some gifts to make them happy sippers. 

1. Tea Bag-Squeezing Spoon  
​A tool to truly make each cup "good to the last drop," this sleek spoon lets you squeeze out the remaining flavor after seeping. I always just sucked on the bags when no one was looking. I mean, nothing. Tèo, Alessi, $25. 

2. Collapsible Kettle 
For those with tiny kitchens or who like to take their tea-making on the go, this collapsible silicone kettle is a must-have. Genius!  Cuissential SlickBoil, Amazon, $35.

3. Jme English Honey
Save the honey that comes in those bear-shaped contraptions for the kids. Jamie Oliver's artisinal honey is produced by bees that "roam the flowering fields and hedgerows of Worcestershire." Fancy. WIlliams-Sonoma, $14.95. 

4. Tea Mug
At last, a solution to the greatest first-world problem: sinking tea bag strings. MoMa, $20.

5. Submarine Tea Infuser
​ For the tea drinker with a sense of humor. Tea Sub, Amazon, $13. 

6. Keep Calm and Drink Tea Poster
​To be attempted just before "Freak Out and Shut Down." Etsy, $15.95. 

7. Tea of the Month Club Membership 
​A gift that keeps on giving, tea-of-the-month-club memberships are for die-hard sippers. Teavanna offers several themed packages, starting at $110. Teavanna.  

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