Peter's Gourmade Grill Moves And Multiplies!

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I meant to post this earlier this week after I got a tip from a reader from Tony who wrote:

"Long time reader over here. I was on my way to work and saw that on the corner of McFadden and Newport, where the Masala Bowl used to be, is now signage of Peter's Gourmade Grill coming soon.  Just thought I would share."

Edwin Goei
Sure enough, he's right. The original location the Gourmade Grill at the Valero's gas station down the block is now pretty much shuttered up. But ever the strategist, Peter Stavros has transferred operations to a new shop at the Balboa Fun Zone in the meantime. According to the Facebook page, this second Gourmade Grill opened last Saturday.

Edwin Goei

Back at the soon-to-be-new Tustin location (14311 Newport Avenue Ste A), there's not much progress. But with a solid fan base already secured after breaking into the scene as OC's preeminent gas station restaurant, it shouldn't matter where Stavros goes...they will follow.

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