New York Cracking Down On Kimchi

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Health Department rules have long been the bane of charcuterie makers and Chinese restaurants who hang their ducks by the window. Now New York health officials are getting tough on the kimchi makers. Several online sources have reported that there's been an inherent crack down on the quintessential fermented Korean foodstuff in the Big Apple.

The complaint among the Korean restauranteurs who get citations and fines because they are, according to the authorities, not keeping their kimchi at a proper 41 degrees, is that the inspectors just don't understand what kimchi is. The kimchi makers argue that the rule is unfair because kimchi has an acidity level below 4.6, which they say should make it safe to keep at room temperature.

The compromise offered by one health commissioner was for the producers to prove the pH-level was below the 4.6 level by testing each batch; but the owners say they don't have the time or money to do this. My my, what a pickle!

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I ate kimchi in Korea for nine months; and guess what? never got food poisoning! Now I love it (and all Korean food, and learned how to cook it and make banquets for my family)

My suggestion is you make your own Kimchi; it is easier to make than you think... but yes, you do need to ferment it (shock, horror - don't tell the authorities!) 

All good, never met a Korean who died of kimchi... but got a whole family who nag me to test that theory... ie. they love my Korean cooking.

So don't despair; plenty of recipes on the internet.

You need to prepare Kimchi at least a week before you are planning to use it, so plan a whole banquet with some friends or family and make it worth the effort.

Hope this helps

Korean Food Lover Linda xxx


They don't get it. Fomented not fermented.


Okay so since no one wants to discuss the acidity of kimchi can you at least tell us where to get good Kimchi in OC?  The last Kimchi I had was at a flame broiler in Irvine... not great!


Westminster Mall food court.. one of the many asian restaurants i dont remember the name but it is at the entrance of the food court next to the mexican ice cream shop. 99 cents and pretty good too :)


Try any of the K-markets like Zion/Arirang/Woo Ri, etc.  There are also small businesses run by women (think there is one called Auntie's in BP are)--those tend to be even better than the K-market ones...or, can try your hand at making some. :)

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