Mercy: Hangover Prevention in a Can?

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'Twas the morning after NYE and--you know the story. Your head hurts, your stomach is queasy and WHY is it so damn bright?!  

There's no shortage of "miracle" cures (which usually involve soup), but they often just mask the pain. That's why we're so intrigued by Mercy, which claims to prevent hangovers before they leave us groaning under the covers. 

It's a non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated beverage that "replenishes key nutrients and jumpstarts your body's natural detox process through a combination of amino acids, anti-oxidants and vitamins." According to the company, drinking it encourages your body to produce more glutathione, which neutralizes free radicals and helps the liver remove hangover-inducing toxins such as acetaldehyde. 

For Asians, there's a bonus: It also claims to prevent "Asian flush," in case you don't have any Pepcid AC handy.  

You're supposed to drink Mercy during or shortly after a night of drinking. (The next morning is too late.) One can is able to take on up to five alcoholic beverages.  

And it works, according to many testers, including one Esquire writer, who wrote

The next morning, newly sober, I woke up parched, tired, but strangely -- mercifully, even -- headache- and nausea-free. The nagging hangover that should have accompanied my five glasses of Barbaresco never arrived.

The can does come with one disclaimer, however: Mercy will not prevent drunk-dialing or texting.

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Cool! Where is this available? I'm assuming I won't be able to get this at my local Northgate or El Super

Mr. Rosewater
Mr. Rosewater

Bah. Those who want to avoid the effects of having had too many drinks should continue drinking without pause.

Carrion Fairy
Carrion Fairy

Every few years something like this comes out with some kind of praise but inevitably fades into silent obscurity under the endless cacophony of pang-ed beer shits. If its too good to be true, blablabla. If there is a god such a thing would never exist so if this snake-oil really does work not only will I finally be pulled into the undertow of my looming alcoholism but I'll have been on the right team all along! Win-win!

I kind of laughed at the "neutralizing free radicals" bit but, regardless, if by chance I do come across it I might try it anyway as I, along with the rest of the lush humanity, am on the eternal search for that holy grail of an elixir. 

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