Man Travels From Florida To Fullerton For Chik-fil-A Opening, Still Doesn't Win Free Food

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OC Register
​Today, we have learned that true dedication is not just camping out overnight at your favorite chicken sandwich chain for a chance to win a year's worth of free grub, but traveling across the country to do so. 
The OC Register covered the spectacle that was last night's #OccupyChikfilA, where they met all sorts of die-hard chikin fans. One woman made a Chik-fil-A scrapbook. Another, decked out in Chik-fil-A paraphernalia, has the nickname "Chik-fil-A Lady."   

Most depressing impressive, though, was a 60-year-old man named Richard Coley, who flew in from St. Petersburg, Florida. The event marked his 71st Chik-fil-A opening. He wasn't one of the lucky 100 to win a Chik-fil-A meal every week for a year, but he camped out all night anyway. 

Now, that's going the extra mile.  

Check out the video: 

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