Holiday Gift Guide: 5 Gifts For the Budding Home Bartender

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Giving presents to the aspiring home bartender is the gift that keeps on giving. Sure, occasionally there'll be a miss, especially later in the evenings (ahem, plantain daiquiris), but all the experimentation gets to be drunk. Here are five ways to get your mixologist started.

1. A copy of "Home Bar Basics (And Not-So-Basics)" by Dave Stolte

Dave Stolte, an OC-based illustrator with an extensive home bar, has written the definitive guide for people who don't blush at the idea of making falernum at home. At, $12.99.

2. A Boston Shaker


Ever wondered why you needed to wash that stupid Slinky-looking Hawthorne strainer every time you need to strain something? A Boston shaker and some skill are all you need for most drinks. From, $14.50.

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