Guy Fieri Launches a Jewelry Collection

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​Great news! Now you can accessorize like an anti-Semitic, homophobic biker dude with the new Guy Fieri jewelry line. 

The Food Network star has teamed up with sterling silver company Room 101 to create a "kewl" dog tag, cufflinks and a chain-link bracelet. 

"This stuff is off-da-hook," Fieri wrote on OpenSky, the site that sells the jewelry. "It's some killer bling." 

Just add a flame shirt, hair bleach, backwards sunglasses and a cheeseball pose to complete the look!

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Say what you want..........his bank account is piling up faster than elephant shit at a Barnum and Baileys circus!...and if you have been to one of his book signings.........women and I mean hot ass women are swooning over him like a rock star!...........I doubt he's too worried about what a couple of losers on a community blog think about him........


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I really hate this dude... 

Carrion Fairy
Carrion Fairy

He looks like an out-of-work pornstar trying to impersonate what he thinks the younger generation acts/dresses like. Epitome of douchiness.



I will never begrudge mans ability to earn a living... This dude is just an enormous Douche, with a really good agent! 

It doesnt take away from the fact that i want to punch him in the face every time I see him on TV

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