Holiday Gift Guide: Handmade Food-Related Gifts

Etsy user fingerfooddelight
For your holiday-shopping needs, we've gathered some handmade food gifts that will make you go "yum" or "huh?" (above).
Fork Scarf

Etsy user Xenotees

Our fellow forkers can show off some Stick a Fork In It pride with this cranberry-colored scarf. Etsy shop Xenotees also offers a fork T-shirt and tea towel, French pet lobster shirt, and fortune cookie pillowcases  

Sriracha Print

Etsy user DrunkGirlDesigns

An ode to our favorite condiment: Sriracha. You truly can put it on everything, from the Cock Shot to your skin. View Vickie Chang's Etsy-items list dedicated soley to rooster sauce here. "In cock we trust," indeed.

Re-purposed Silverware

Etsy user Spoonerz

What do you do when you buy a new set of flatware? By the time you get around to replacing your silverware, they're so mismatched, bent or incomplete they inevitably end up in the Goodwill pile or the trash. Some crafty folks such as Etsy user Spoonerz see the value in these pieces of scrap metal and have refashioned them into fun items such as corn cob holders (above), jewelrymeat markerscoathooksvasesbusiness-card holders and more. Perfect gifts for your favorite Forker.

Unique Winestopper

Etsy user Dellamorteco
The tentacle winestopper is great for when you've released the Kraken. Other notable winestoppers include those in the shape of an owl, an antique world map, and a gaudy diamond. View all stoppers Etsy has to offer here. 

A Steak Pillow

Etsy user Midnightsnack
You know your life just won't be fulfilled until you have a giant pillow in the shape of a steak. Also: plushes shaped life oven-roasted turkeyolive loaf and a cheese wedge. Midnightsnack also makes the finest in plastic food-shaped jewelryPancakes and syrup ring, anyone?

Sushi Cake Pops

Etsy user SugarParlour

The Most Interesting Cutting Board In the World

Thumbnail image for Cutting-Board-Etsy-User-ggat
Etsy user ggat
It's truly the most interesting cutting board in the world. Also, Etsy user ggat helps affirm your carnivorous prowess with this Steak > Tofu cutting board. Also offered: Elvis on toast.

Beer-flavored Cupcakes

Etsy user cacaobakery

Reworked Bottles

Etsy user bottlehood
Their favorite beverage can now be a nut dishcandle, or lamp.

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