Dad Creates Inspiring Family Meals from a Dumpster

One man's trash is this man's dinner. Perennial Plate has produced an eye-opening video about a father who gets 75 percent of his family's food from a Trader Joe's dumpster. This isn't moldy, fly-invaded cheese we're talking about. Think fresh fruit and vegetables, challah bread and pies, all that has just been tossed due to whatever slight imperfection that deems it unsaleable. 

After the jump, watch how waste becomes an inspiring French toast breakfast. 

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Christian Z.
Christian Z.

The larger story here is that a lot of food goes to waste that doesn't need to.


One innovation of Fresh & Easy that somewhat shames Trader Joe's is its deep discount section of [mostly] refrigerated, perishable items that have reached the expiration date.  This section...a tiny corner carved out of the refrigerated food shelving [usually in Aisle #3, sometimes Aisle #2] often features food that no only is still edible, but edible the next day, too.   And most of the stuff is in reasonably salable condition, not looking like a tire has run over it. 

Seems like a win-win: Fresh & Easy recoups some of the food product cost, and customers score a bargain (and in many cases the inspiration to sample an item).  I didn't watch this video, but if Trader Joe's is really dumping food in the trash, that's not a good thing. 

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