Brats Berlin To Debut Exotic Sausages

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Photo by Laila Derakhshanian

When Christian Murcia's second luxe lonchera concept launched this past July, their theme was to feature evolving artwork (no pun intended). In a move typically reserved for high-stakes gambling, they not only delivered on that promise, but they upped the ante with unique additions to their menu.

Brats Berlin is off the streets for the holiday weekend, but plans to show off their new look and tastes are already set for... week's OC Fair New Year's Eve Block Party. Los Angeles-based artist Mario Arteaga (a.k.a. Marioe) is the talent behind their newest design. Arteaga's style is freeform, utilizing multiple mediums including painting and sculpting.

As for the food, we heard about a trio of exotic bratwurst options: an elk with cheddar and jalapeno, smoked alligator andouille, and a rattlesnake & rabbit with jalapeno. While we've never rarely considered consuming wild game in a 'sausage and bun' scenario (there was this one time, at Hot Doug's), alligator andouille does sound intriguing; even more so paired with a Guinness. Anyone have an extra red Solo cup?

To learn more about Brats Berlin, click here for their website.

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You're in luck...both Tornado Potato & Brats Berlin will be at the OC Fair Block Party.


I had their brats at the LA county fair... Not bad at all a little pricey but unfortunately for them they were parked next to the tornado potato truck which offered a spiral cut seasoned potato wrapped around a bevy of sausages, we got the Portuguese it was unreal!  

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