Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Woman Asks Guy to Buy Less-Expensive Lunch, Guy Assaults Her!

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I drove through Oklahoma during the summer and can appreciate the state--the gorgeous red soil, the vibrant sunsets, the lack of anything really resembling a hill. But something about the state is off save Will Rogers, the Oklahoma State Cowboys football team, and certain friends in Tulsa. Can't really put my finger on it--but that weirdness might explain what happened in the Sooner State--a man beat up a woman because she didn't want to buy him a more-expensive lunch.

From Bartlesville, wherever the hell that is:

An argument about a Taco Bell lunch on Friday turned into a fight that landed one Bartlesville man behind bars, according to Bartlesville police.

38-year-old Shawn Clay Posch was arrested Friday on a charge of domestic assault after he allegedly scratched a woman's chest during an argument.

According to police, the argument began when she and he had gone to lunch at Taco Bell and he ordered a value meal. When she told him she only had $20 and requested he order something less expensive than the $7 value meal, he became angry and refused.

She then told him to he needed to get a job and help her out at which point he pushed her in the face, said the report.

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