Holiday Gift Guide: 7 Gifts For People Who Play With Their Food

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You don't need to be high-chair bound to think food is hilarious. We've got presents for fun-loving cooks and eaters of all ages.

1. Food Face Plates (pictured above) 
We all have that classy friend who uses whatever food carnage is left post-meal to create a masterpiece on a dish. Help him out with these plates designed with creative eaters in mind. $11.95, Neatorama

2. Han Solo in Carbonite Ice Cube Tray 

Perfect for freezing water in this galaxy or one far, far away. $9.99, Kotobukiya

3. Shark Bite Oven Mitt 
Let your friend put this on and reenact the Jaws scene until it gets old. Ha ha, just kidding. It will never get old! Dun dun dun dun dun dun ... $20, Fred Flare

4. Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters 

Whoever bakes cookies with these will have to eat them fast. Look away, and they'll vanish. 
$5.49, Perpetual Kid.   

5. Ah Choo Pepper Mill 

We shouldn't find this as funny as we do. $22, Fred Flare.  

6. Burger Coasters 

MoMa Store
Just remove the second layer for a vegetarian option. $22, Moma Store.  

7. Grillz Candy

​So your friend lives in Irvine suburbia. Who says she can't bling it up with grillz? Nelly would approve. $3, Baron Bob

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