This Week In Food: Tasty Homemade Gifts, Bacon Lube, and White Bread Torture

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Umm, yeah. Don't even ask. Just click the jump and see the story behind the above picture as well as some the other stories you missed this week.

Check out a slideshow of our second Happy Hour co-produced with 89.9 FM KCRW's "Good Food" with Evan Klieman at Mesa in Costa Mesa. Photos by Ed Carrasco. 

named Don Amado Mezcal our Drink of the Week partialy for it's recent rise in popularity. Also; a man attacked his mom with a ham, a wheelchair-bound woman crashed into a Taco Bell after they wouldn't let her order from a drive-thru. 

It's real: bacon-flavored lube, as Michelle reported this week. Also, behold-- the Grilled Chesus

Dave reveled his picks for the top ten breweries in Orange County. Did your favorite make the cut? Also: Portola or Kean-- who has the superior espresso? He also revealed his empanada recipefive awesome homemade gifts you can make now.

Edwin found five great Japanese white bread torture devices. Beware the sandwich guillotine!

Shuji kept us up-to-date with two new restaurants: Izakaya Ku, Japanese cuisine and OC's only Turkish Bakery, Ikram Bakery. Both opened in Fountain Valley.

Happy eating!

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