The Five Best Parts of a Roast Turkey

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White meat or dark? The traditional Thanksgiving question. Usually, piles of meat are passed around on a platter--but that's ignoring some of the best cuts on the traditional holiday fowl.

Here are five of the best pieces of meat available on the modern American turkey--but you may have to go into the kitchen to get them before crazy Uncle Joe attacks it with the electric knife that gets used once a year.

5. The lower leg

Original image: Flickr user kimberlykv

Turkeys aren't like chickens, where one person eats the drumstick; theme parks and Renaissance fairs aside, turkey legs are normally more than one portion. Try to get the part that has the lower leg; while it's a little short on meat, what's there is much more flavorful than the wider part near the knee joint. If you can't get that, go for the wing tip instead.

4. The heart

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These are technically chicken hearts, but you get the idea.

This tends to disappear into the assorted bag of giblets, but the heart is one of the tastiest muscles on any animal, and turkeys are no exception; save it, brush it with garlic oil, put it on a skewer, and grill it. The real cook's treat!

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