Super King Market Fined Over Half-a-Million Dollars for Selling Fake Halal Meat

I've long shopped at Super King Market in that part of Anaheim that bleeds into Stanton, not just for their super-cheap produce but also to see my Orange County: the waves of Latinos, Muslims, Eastern Europeans, Asians, and plain ol' 'mericans shopping in peace, and even learning from each other--my mami is now a babaghanoush fanatic.

But I'm afraid I can never shop at Super King again, after the store just settled a case for $527,000 brought upon it by the Orange County District Attorney's office for falsely selling halal meat.

The suit came about, according to an OC DA press release, after inspectors with the Orange County Health Department noticed that Super King would bring in meat into their store that wasn't marked halal, then commingle that meat with halal meat, and label everything as kosher (like my Abrahamic dietary restriction joke)?

The press release says that Super King does not admit to guilt, but come on! You don't mess with people's religion, especially when it comes to food, ESPECIALLY in Little Arabia. You'd never see Northgate González pull this shit, trashing behind their back the very customer base that made it successful, just like Super King just did. I predict Super King will suffer greatly from this revelation with its Muslim customers...and this kaffir.

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