Nissan Markets New Van To Food Truck Entrepreneurs

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Nissan Motor Co.

You know this food truck fad isn't quite done yet when one of the big automakers actually targets food vendors as a growth opportunity. At the LA Auto Show, which is happening as we speak, Nissan partnered with the Grilled Cheese Truck and the Coolhaus truck to show off the company's new NV commercial vans. The two trucks will demonstrate how the vehicles are an alternative to the standard box-on-wheels type loncheras, now as common as Toyotas on LA streets.

Here's what their vice president of commercial vehicles has to say about it: "The Nissan NV High Roof model is especially adaptable for food truck and catering use thanks to its 76.9-inch tall interior, which provides the flexibility for the mobile chefs to comfortably move around inside."

That's all fine and good, but if these take off, will food trucks always be called be food trucks if it's actually a van?

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ford f650
ford f650

Food truck is really good option as you can provide your service in whole area. Ford trucks are the best vehicles for this purpose as it consume less fuel. 

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