Marshmallow Vodka: Delicious, or Stomach-Churning?

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Model Amber Rose is the face of Smirnoff's new flavor.

Bartenders and beverage companies have long attempted to mix a little bit of childhood into grown-up beverages, and the results have ranged in success. There's the good (cereal milk cocktails, adult chocolate milk), the bad (alcohol-infused whipped cream), and the just plain messy (Pop Rocks martinis--seriously, those things get everywhere).  

​Now, just in time for the holidays, Smirnoff has introduced fluffed-marshmallow-flavored vodka. Yep, now you can toast marshmallows at the fireplace while getting toasted. There's a whipped-cream flavor, too.  

The festive affair is to be followed by light vomiting. Call it the gift that keeps on giving. 

Hi-Time Wine Cellars in Costa Mesa sells airplane-sized bottles of fluffed marshmallow flavor for $2. 
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Yummmy!!! I love my marshmallow flavored vodka!! I love it in my hot chocolate and even in my coffee. The more sugar I use the more vodka I can put in without tasting ANY liquer! I absolutely love it!!!

Jenny Harrow
Jenny Harrow

This actually sounds kind of YUM! but is it low calorie? I think not! Check out some great low cal cocktail recipes here:


haha marshmellow vodka? they think of everything...I'll have to test this one to see if it beats my cremesicle voli vodka shots!

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