FREE Breakfast Sandwich At (Most) Carl's Jr. Locations TODAY

Anne Marie Panoringan
Watching TV sometimes pays off....
Some of us can spend hours doing nothing. I choose to pass the time catching up on my DVR. Who knew last week's dramedy would be a source of free brekkie news this week? Behold, the free sausage biscuit.

Definitely not the first time Carl's Jr. encouraged the early-morning stampede (we heard the same promotion back in September), but they've added a feature to make finding a location offering the special less of a chore. We're calling it the Biscuit Beacon.
Using this link, hungry commuters can not only pinpoint the most convenient locations, but each listing also indicates if it bakes Hardee's Made From Scratch Biscuits. Apparently, not all Carl's outlets are created equal . . . yet.

Standard lawyer speak applies: No purchase necessary. One per customer while supplies last. Offer good during breakfast hours only at participating restaurants. A meal I don't have to cook or buy? That's an ideal way to start off hump day.

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Not free in Portland, Oregon. Then they screwed up my paid order. Wrong sandwich. And it had burned bread and was so dry it was hard to swallow. I thought Car's was supposed to be better than McDs and BK?

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