Buy a Gift Card, Get Stuff for Free! The Best Fast-Food Gift Card Incentives This Holiday Season

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There are just as many Black Friday addicts as there are naysayers who roll their eyes at the commercialization of Christmas, if not more so. For those of us who don't exactly give a damn about finding "the perfect gift", we say: how about those rectangles of hope we call the gift card? Restauranteurs want your business so badly right now that they are providing additional incentives to the consumer just for picking one up.

Think of it this way: if you gotta buy something anyway, why not choose a present that rewards you right back? Whether the recipient is a fast-food fanatic or high-end hipster, there's a brand that will fit in everyone's stocking. Don't believe us? Here's a partial list:

Ben & Jerry's (the neighbor's kid): Free scoop of ice cream when you spend $10 or more on gift cards.
Carl's Jr (for the cubicle next door): Free Six-Dollar burger with the purchase of a $20 gift card.
Chick Fil-A (to parents that go to Kids Eat Free Tuesdays): Buy a $20 gift card, receive a calender with coupons.
Chipotle (the hungry teenage athlete): Buy a $30 gift card, receive a free menu item.
The Counter (to the meat & sweet potato fries manager): Buy a $25 gift card, receive a $5 Reward card; valid 1/1/12 - 2/28/12.
Daily Grill (your trusty admin): Buy a $50 gift card, receive a $10 bounce back gift card (valid 1/1/12-1/28/12)
Salt Creek Grille (the Craftsman-style couple): Buy a $75 gift card, receive a $25 reward card, valid 1/1/12-3/31/12.
True Food Kitchen (for your yoga partner): Buy $100 in gift cards, receive a $20 bonus card.
The Capital Grille (to the client(s) you're wanting to impress): Spend $500 or more in gift cards, receive a 10% bonus gift card.
Yard House (your college drinking buddy): Buy a $50 gift card, receive a $10 bonus card.

Before you go gift-card crazy: Double-check. And go there hungry.

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