Del Taco Launches Online Store To Sell Hot Sauce Packets

If it's true that everything you ever wanted or never knew you needed is on the Internet, it's also true that the Internet allows you to pay for stuff you usually get for free.

Del Taco, the OC-based taco corp that isn't Taco Bell, just announced that it has launched an online store where one can buy 150-count buckets of their hot sauce packets for $18.99. No, you heard that right. Not hot sauce bottles. Hot sauce packets. Those ubiquituous little tear-away satchels that anyone probably has a handful of at any one time. I currently possess about a half dozen inside the desk drawer of my office alone, and probably more at home in between the couch cushions, not to mention in random spots inside my car.

One thing that the website has allowed me to do, however, is to finally put a dollar value on the packets: $0.13 each.


But that's not all that the new offers. It also boasts garb with logos from the old days when Del Taco was known as Naugles.

See? You never knew you needed a Naugles baseball cap until now, did you?

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Gone north
Gone north

Naugles rocked when they made their own beans. You may think this is crap when you're in OC basking in taco, burger smoothie and salad bar goodness, but I reside in the frigid great white hole of Edmonton Alberta (yes Santa's backyard. He says hi). We smuggle crap like this back and horde it like it was gold. My husband has a Carl's Jr. cup on his desk right now. snifff :{  Enjoy 


The price appears to be $4.99 for 50, or $13.99 for 150 (50 of each type). Are you adding the price of shipping into that total of $18.99? Also you get a bucket and a packet puncher!

Bill T.
Bill T.

The name of the posted sauce cracks me up, only scorcho if you're from Iowa maybe, mild here. Lowest common denominator branding as usual. There's someone out there somewhere who's going to think this stuff is feally hot so we better brand it that way so we don't get another bullshit lawsuit.


I loved Naugles.. Of course I was 12 when the one in my hood turned into a Del Taco. Which lasted for 3 years until it became a Bravo Burger (some of the best GD breakfast burritos in the IE).  I guess there is a Bravo in SJC now chili cheese fries are phenomenal too.

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