Break of Dawn After Dark: More Details Revealed!


Dave broke the news back in September
that chef Dee Nguyen would open his Laguna Hills restaurant, Break of Dawn, for dinner seatings starting in 2012. Nguyen just announced more details via Facebook on just how limited those seats will be:

We are excited to announce our upcoming every-first-Friday-of-the-month dinner service, early 2012. Reserve now; seating is very limited. What do I want to eat when I go out? Food for cooks is what will be served.

When we pressed Nguyen for more details, he revealed only this:

It is so hard to find a place when we go out to eat. I want to feed loyal friends comfort, familiar, real grubs minus any froufrou and microgreens. Lol. I'm looking at 10 savory and 3 sweet, pricing from $12 to $20 (foie, of course). Time 6 to 8:30 [p.m.], so I can go home to my family. We'll see. . . .

Would it be wrong of us to call this once-a-month special event "Break of Dawn After Dark," or is that too smarmy in a Skinemax sort of way? Would it also be wrong to call the event a pop-up within Nguyen's own restaurant, which is otherwise open only for breakfast and lunch? Maybe not, readers. In the meantime, we've already made our dinner reservations for the first Friday night in January. By the time you read this, that night will probably be booked solid, but call to confirm.

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Location Info

Break of Dawn Restaurant - CLOSED

24351 Avenida De La Carlota, Laguna Hills, CA

Category: Restaurant

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I called thisrestaurant to apply for a job, wrong idea! I was treated horribly on the phone.When i asked to speak to the manager the employee told me he wasn't there.

Then hung up!


I called backto ask again, because I was sure the manager would like to know how hisemployees were treating people who called.


The guy whoanswered the phone told me the manager's name was Z, and when i asked to talkto him he hung up on me again.


Now I wasdetermined to let the manager know that his employees were terrible.


I called againand again and again I was hung up on. I called one last time to tell them I wascoming to the restaurant to talk to the manager and the head cook.


I came to therestaurant and was confronted by two men at the door who would tell me nothingexcept to leave. I grabbed a card on the way out.


DEE NGUYEN isthe chef and turns out he is who I was talking to! I couldn't believe it.


He proceeded tochase me through the parking lot, call the police, and threaten me swearing atme that he was going to lock my punk a$$ up! He even went so far as to say he"Eat's pieces of sh$t like me for breakfast. I had to reply, "You eatsh$t for breakfast?" He said he did.


This is abreakfast place, so, i just wonder how sh$tty their food tastes.


I could not letthis go unreported because someone who owns a restaurant shouldn't be allowedto treat people like this.


I hope nobodygive their hard earned money to this crazy guy, and no one wastes their timeeating at Break of Dawn.


There's a niceway to handle things and theres the DEE NGUYEN way. Take my advice, don't wasteyour time being associated with this loser!


BoD is one of the few reasons I voluntarily get in the car and drive. This is going to be great. Hey you know Mosun’s old space hasn’t been leased, just saying’ …


I swear I'll buy a dinner there if he changes the name that night to Wake of Dusk.  

Dee Breakofdawn
Dee Breakofdawn

Dude! This picture is horrible, making look like I try to be sexy and sh_t. Hahaha

Dave Lieberman
Dave Lieberman

They have to decontaminate it from all those years of terrible sushi and lecherous men trying to get into the bad club upstairs to look at girls. It'll be a while.


^^^LOL.   So true...

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