New Cuban Restaurant Opens Near South Coast Plaza

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Edwin Goei

A few weeks ago, we wrote about the quick demise and subsequent sale of the faltering Sabores Mexican Grill across from South Coast Plaza. The restaurant and just about everything that was in it was sold lock, stock and barrel to Bella Cuba, a Cuban eatery. The new entity is already up and running, and the kitchen's transition from doing Mexican to Cuban dishes seemed to happen as effortlessly as the changing of the soundtrack to Beny Moré.

The word around town is that the chef and manager of this new restaurant are defectors from the much-beloved Cuban-food institution of Versailles in Los Angeles. I have not tried any food or chatted up anyone at the restaurant to confirm this, but I did get a chance to pick up the menu.

Since the restaurant does not have a website as of this writing, I've taken the liberty of scanning the pages for easy viewing. Use the handy-dandy "+" button to zoom in and survey the choices.

Bella Cuba, 3940 S. Bristol St., Ste. 114, Santa Ana, (714) 545-5711.

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I visited the Bella Cuba for lunch and was not impressed. First, the Mexican waiter  is not versed in the flavors of the Cuban food. Big mistake. Second, his attitude was that of not caring about the customer by his comments, third, the manager was called and he too was Mexican with a another attitude. The food is fine but the service is lousy. I love Cuban Food and I am alway searching for cuban restaurants to eat but Bella Cuba will never see me in it's premises ever again. Hilda


Of course, there had to be some Mexican-basher...

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Extensive menu!  I'm excited...[good] Cuban food would be a welcome addition to all the other decent places within a 2 mile radius. 

Is it just me, or do more of you wish the Cuban Sandwich came without fries (and maybe was a buck or two cheaper?).  The two go together as much as fries would go with a Banh Mi sandwich (translation: they don't).  I'd rather have 2 Cuban Sandwiches than one with fries.  Or at least one with fried plantains. 


Yeah, but most gabas want fries with ANYTHING sandwich-esque...

Dave Lieberman
Dave Lieberman

I'm a gabacho and I'd rather have mariquitas with my cubano.

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